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Name: Zorath

Age: Estimated to be 16

Gender: Male


There have been many different accounts of Zoraths appearance from across the world. We currently know of 4 of them but others might end up being discovered at further dates. We will list them in order of frequency.

Zoraths most common depiction is that of a 7 foot 4'' tall anthropomorphic dragon with midnight black scales and grey scutes covering his chest. Various small red scales appear on his body forming patterns. Said patterns resemble veins for the most part except on his head where they look more like red lightening. Each hand has 3 fingers and a thumb adorned with 6'' long white claws. The feet have 3 large claws at the front and another at the heel. Spikes line his back from the base of his head to the tip of his tail, each standing about 3 ˝'' long. These spikes are also present on the back of his neck forming a half collar to protect the rear of his neck. Two large curved horns rest at the rear of his head, each horn standing a good 8'' from his head, curving backwards. A collection of smaller horns also push out from the rear of his head but are much smaller. One smaller horn sits in the middle of his muzzle, curving in a similar way but only reaching 5'' long. All of Zorath's spikes and horns are black where they join his body but change to a deep crimson further up.
His tail ends with a dual arrowhead design, looking like an X from directly behind with 4 sharpened edges. Finally his wings end with more spines, perfect to slice things while flying. The membrane itself is a similar black to the rest of his body but has small specks of red like stars in the night sky. These specks are in fact magical stones that his body grows naturally and amplify his powers.

His second most common is his human form. He is a Pale skinned 6 foot 3'' Teenager. Average weight with dark brown hair
usually kept in a simple style. His eyes change from green to hazel to brown of their own accord but also become icy blue when he uses his abilities. Usually seen wearing blue jeans or camouflage trousers with various T-shirts usually depicting some sort of dragon, car or bird and a black leather trench coat(see matrix coats).

His next form is rarely used but is that of a Feral western dragon. This dragon is near identical to his anthro form but is quadruped, has heightened powers, Stronger physically and much larger. When standing fully upright he reaches about the size of about 2 double decker buses.

His final form is one only discovered quite recently in a manuscript found in Japan. Within this document Zorath is described with similar details to his other forms but with a few differences. First is that he lacks wings of any kind and the gems that usually would grow on them develop along his flanks. Next is the length. While losing some hight to be around the size of a bungalow his new length makes up for it. Fully stretched out the dragon easily reaches  the length of a 747. However even with this size he can fit into most places thanks to his improved magical abilities. The form also lacks the strength of its western counterpart but makes up for it in speed. The last thing to note is his tail which instead of having the single row of spines along it like the other forms, it sports eight lines covering his entire tail with them, adding even more weaponry to the already nasty tail.

It has also recently been speculated that this eastern form can also take on an anthro appearance but this is, as of yet, unseen.

Personality: Zorath is a kind and thoughtful person. he looks at things with a calculating mind and tries to make things work as efficiently as possible. he likes to help others, however he always distrusts strangers when he meets them so as to prevent any sneaky tricks they may pull on the unsuspecting. He is also quite quiet, preferring to speak only if others will listen instead of idle chit chat. He doesn't like to show off his abilities but he uses them for recreational purposes as well as the usual keeping alive and helping others. he also has a great love of music and usually marks his arrival with some epic music if he can for 'A dramatic entrance'.

Abilities and Equipment:
Human form -while being his weakest form, Zorath has a lot of power. While in his human form he has power over ice, allowing him to conjure it straight from the air, freeze any water he desires and even produce a beam that freezes its target solid. He also has some power over darkness, granting him exceptional vision, shadow-stepping, invisibility in darkness and even the strength to launch a ball of pure shadow energy at his foes. While all of his powers in human form are not very strong, the versatility is very useful.

In terms of equipment, Zorath usually carries an old samurai sword, which he can channel his powers through and a home made communicator which attaches to his wrist like a watch. This strange device acts like a full computer and mobile phone without the size problems. An nerve connection in his arm allows for it to display over his vision without others seeing anything. he is also noted to carry other materials such as pokeballs, a duel disk (yu-gi-oh), a scout ring (dragon quest monsters) and various other pieces of equipment.  

Dragon forms – in this form his powers are very similar to his human form but amplified greatly. He also gains some fire abilities; Like a large fireball, storms of fire and a defensive wall of fire, some electrical powers; like the ability to cloak himself in energy or launching lightening bolts and a small amount of wind control; like tailwinds and the occasional whirlwind.
While his eastern form has the same powers as the other dragon forms his wind, electrical and fire abilities are much stronger to make up for the lack of physical strength.
In all his dragon forms his communicator stays attached, just growing to accommodate his change in size.

Theme songs: Blackheart – two steps from hell, Into free(Dangan) – B'z, Nero – two steps from hell, haven piercing giga drill – Area 11, Winterspell – Two Steps From Hell, fateful decision : Dragons dogma soundtrack, Frozen darkness : myself

Other: Zorath is my main character for everything. He is my alternate self, a 'perfect' version of me, if you would. Him and me are one of the same. Do you dare challenge the master of shadow and ice? Or will you stand with him?


Name : Ryan Dimitri

Age: 23

Gender: male

occupation: space/time traveler, mercenary, medic and psychiatrist


Ryan is a tall humanoid with blue eyes. He has short ginger hair and a ginger beard. His skin is quite pale and he is quite well built. He wears a long black trench coat, big black boots, a top hat and a pair of sunglasses. Beneath the coat lie his inhuman features. He has a pair of red wings that can push through his back and a long red scaled tail that ends in a battle axe blade. Both of these dragon features can be retracted into his body and usually are. An easy waty to spot him even without the top hat is the weaponry he carries with him. He usually has a big gun or sword swung over his shoulder.
It is believed that the doctor can become a full dragon if he wishes but since nobody has ever witnessed this it cannot be confirmed.


Ryan is a strange character. He is a great lover of explosions, biscuits and the occasional universe saving. He is described by many as a psychopath or disturbed individual which, in some ways, is true. However his mind might make him seem crazy but he is truly a genius. A strong courageous fighter who is willing to put his life on the line for others. It is unknown what caused this as childhood records showed him as a bully. Whatever the case the people of timeline 25 are grateful to have such a hero.

Abilities and equipment:

Ryan is part dragon, more specifically a fire dragon. As such he has great proficiency in pyromancy. Some of his most common abilities include fire breath, fireballs, wall of fire and magma wave. He has also described an ability he named the 'magma storm' but is unwilling to perform it due to its destructive power.

The doc also carries a army's worth of weaponry within his coat. The trench coat links directly to a pocket of space where he can store an unlimited amount of mass. He has nearly every weapon in existence from every known timeline in there, along with a variety of other things.  Some favorites include:
the rocket launcher; named Sasha. Main weapon used by the doctor and can fire a large selection of missiles.

silenced sniper rifle; when the rocket launcher is too much this is ryans weapon of choice. Perfect for assassinations.

quad barrel shotgun; this is the doctors boomstick. When someone steps in front of this monster they dissolve.

the chillrend ice blade; collected from deep within an icy chasm after defeating an ice fiend. Supposedly made from one of timeline 76's elder dragon's teeth.

the foefire blade; looks just like the broken hilt of a sword but when activated ignites into a very large and dangerous sword. Originally owned by Rytlock Brimstone of timeline 92.

dancing hellfire; a blade crafted from the hide of a creature named agnaktor. The blade mimics the fire leviathans heat and can melt through most obstacles. Made in an unknown timeline after a portal malfunction.

Other equipment:

cyber gauntlet: this metallic gauntlet connects directly to its wearers nervous system. It acts as a supercomputer and has a display that appears on the wearers actual vision. It can provide a wide selection of features not limited to; a internet browser, Heads up display, gaming device and subspace enabled phone.

The trench coat: designed by the inhabitants of Tengou-15 the coat Ryan wears connects directly to a small pocket of space. It can store masses of gear such as weapons, armor, food etc without any space constraints. You never know when a flamethrower might come in handy.

Hyperspace shades: these special sunglasses can display the world in nearly every waveform on the electromagnetic spectrum. After normal visual light the most used is infrared though any wavelength can be viewed.

Duel disk: (yu-gi-oh) there have been rare sightings of a duel disk being amongst ryans belongings. It hasn't been seen in use though.

Scout ring: (dragon quest monsters) another unused item. It is noted in his attire but is not used.

Summoning stones: these enchanted rocks can store large objects or other creatures for transport (pulling a car out of your coat isn't that useful.) Ryan has quite the collection of these rocks. The following are all items or creatures stored in stones he carries with him.

Orion: A feral griffin who sustained a heavy injury to the left side of its face. It has since been replaced with a mechanical version with extra features such as GPS and an air point defense system.

Gumpert apollo: Ryan's most loved car. He uses it whenever it's appropriate. Tuned for very high speeds and superb acceleration. Painted with racing decals following a fire motif.

Harrier jump jet: who doesn't want a fighter jet that can take off vertically?

Mech 4: a custom built mech equipped with everything a mech should have. Fourth version after the other three went down in blazes of glory.

Nissan skyline GT-R: Ryan's undercover car. Painted a midnight black. While not his fastest car it certainly still goes fast.

Apache attack helicopter: lots of guns, lots of armor and lots of maneuverability. This is the custom chopper of choice for the doctor.

Toyota land cruiser: the indestructible off road vehicle. These things can survive a 50 floor drop and drive away.

Quad bike: nippy off road vehicle

Dexter the lagiacrus: a strong leviathan that is perfect for aquatic travel

Blaze: a horse made of magma and fire. Need I say more?

Airbus A380: for those times when one might need a jumbo jet.

Theme songs: flameheart – two steps from hell, Deviljho theme – monster hunter tri,  My innermost apocalypse – the binding of issac

other: watch out for this character. He could pop up in any timeline at all. Though he will probably give you a hand with whatever problems you are facing. Oh and if you think whatever the problem is is weird he's probably seen it before.


Name: Tiron

Age: Unkown

Species: crystalion

Size: Diameter of 3 meters.

Appearance: Tiron is a floating crystal creature, a star sort of shape with a great red eye at the center. His body changes colour depending on a variety of factors but is usually blue. Surrounding the crystalline body is a layer of mist, instantly freezing fog. This is Tiron's last resort in defense if he is attacked.

Most people however won't see this form at all. Instead they would probably see one of Tiron's many mech suits he uses. He has a wide selection he can call upon at any time and range from dragons to mice to lions to jets. All however keep a similar colour palette of red and black.

Personality: Tiron is a very calculative being. His intellect is far higher than an average human. most would describe him as a nerd or a computer but Tiron does have emotions so don't upset him!
He has a great interest in robotics, aeronautics, space and anything mechanical. Most of the time he is tinkering with something and has been doing so since he was just a tiny crystal. A true genius.

Abilities and Equipment: Tiron is known for his Physic abilities, only being able to communicate through them. He can lift great weights with just his mind. Hes also a great mind reader and can perform some mild manipulation.
Tiron's most useful ability is his mechanical ingenuity. The crystalion creates incredible mechanical works and is one of the best mech builders in the business. Most of the builds are equipped with special weapons only usable by himself.
With his physic abilities Tiron can summon nearly anything he needs whenever he needs it.

Theme songs: Am I not human? - Two Steps From Hell, Knightmare/Frame – Area 11

other: my third character and the brainy one! If you have a puzzle I'm sure he can solve it for you. A rubix cube takes 0.045 seconds to solve.
get all the info on my characters right here.

EDIT: added some information to zorath's file and renamed my crystalion to Tiron.

Zorath is (c) :icondrakeagle:
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Rekalnus Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm betting Glion is composed of a semiconducting crystal matl.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
yes. its a specific type of crystal only found as the bodies of Crystalions. I'm sure he'd love to explain it to you.
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I like the description. :D

(Is it just me, or am I the only one around here who doesn't have a solid OC?)
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thanks! (maybe you should try and make one?)
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(Hell, I thought I had one. TBH, idk how to make one.)
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
try thinking up some appearance for them, age personality etc. if you use the information categories I use(name, age, gender, appearance, personality, abilities, equipment etc) it should be easy.
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I guess I'll put it up then. :XD:
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aaarrghh. The temptation is too great.

....I wrote one. :P
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, that has already been done. :)
But he's not really a dA wide OC. :P
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Timberwolf581 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
o_O that was fast.
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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jcschultz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
does zorath have an opposing thumb or just a regular one?
love it thiough
Drakeagle Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
he has 3 fingers and a thumb. basically the same as a human but without one of the fingers.
jcschultz Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
oh ok thats pretty diffrent from most dragon
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